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Student Feature: Hanna Klaassen

“God is good”

God made it possible to pursue my passion, career field and learn what my purpose is through leadership opportunities while giving me the ability to bring light to a broken world all at the same time.  He also created a way for His light to shine through me.

God is good…Yes, yes He is.  This was a big week for one of WMC’s own.  Many of our seniors are considering post-secondary options for next year, including senior Hanna Klaassen.  Hanna recently applied for a fellowship program at Calvin College called the John M. Perkins Leadership Fellowship.  This program is highly competitive and only 25 students that apply are selected. Hanna applied and laid this at the Lord’s feet.  She waited and prayed, waited and prayed. She told me that if this was God’s plan for her then He would make it happen. That is exactly what happened, the Lord not only answered her prayers, but also provided the opportunity for Hanna to be one of the 2 chosen to receive a full ride scholarship to Calvin!  In addition to leading a Small Group and a Bible study at WMC, Hanna was chosen because of her leadership on the Grand Haven Community Foundation Youth Advisory Council and their Grant Committee, completing leadership training through LeaderTreks and leading multiple short term mission trips, and serving on the Worship Task Force and Worship Team at First Christian Reformed Church.

Godly leadership is not about attaining recognition or glory; it’s about serving others. – John M. Perkins, Leadership Revolution

Give God all the glory

Now this is HUGE! But what stuck with me the most was Hanna’s response, while of course she was ecstatic, one of the first things she said to me was, “God is good.”  It wasn’t, “aren’t I the best?” or “look what I did,” it was “God is good.” I love to see our students grow and take ownership of their faith while at WMC, but hearing one of them give God all the glory is a pretty amazing thing. Dr. Perkins said, “Godly leadership is not about attaining recognition or glory; it’s about serving others.” Hanna has certainly exemplified that as a servant leader. Something I pray for all of our seniors is that they pursue the path that God has for them and are able to find such great fulfillment in knowing He has a plan. Congratulations to Hanna and the rest of the seniors! We are so proud of you!

Congratulations Class of 2018! We are so proud of you!

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A Christmas Season Challenge

Running on Empty

Empty me, empty me, fill me with you, with you -Jeremy Camp

You know those days that you feel like you have an empty “tank?”  The days when you are exhausted and feel like you’ve given all you have and don’t have anything left?  Those are the days where you need to appreciate the “little” things.  I recently had a student stop into my office and instantly my mind went to “how can I help her?” “What can I do?”  Well you know what?  She didn’t NEED anything she just wanted to ask me what God was currently teaching me and what I was learning in my devotions.

Fill the Tank

WOW…Right before break is always a time of exhaustion and anticipation of the Christmas season, but what this student did filled my “tank” to get me to the start of break and a time of relaxing with family and friends.  I don’t know if we really know the difference we can make in someone’s life, even small reminders, to make sure we are focusing all we do on Christ and constantly wanting to learn more about Him. 

Challenge Yourself

This student reminded me that what I do is important and that I need to make sure I am continually filling myself with Christ so that I can pour into my students.  I am so thankful that I get the wonderful opportunity to speak into others! I hope I can challenge each of you to speak into others and not forget to fill your own “tank” with Jesus so you can share Him with others in all you do!

She didn’t NEED anything she just wanted to ask me what God was currently teaching me and what I was learning in my devotions.