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WARRIOR “Well Done” Award Winter 2020


WMC Alum from the Class of 1965 is Honored

WMC alumnus from the class of 1965, Ruthann Sterenberg, is one loyal Warrior. She and her husband attend all WMC basketball games every year! In fact, we caught up with her on March 9th, 2020 at the boys varsity district opener basketball game in Ravenna. She’s pictured above wearing her WMC sweatshirt to show her school spirit and with her Warrior “Well Done” certificate of excellence.

Earlier last month, when Ruthann heard that the WMC Music Boosters were doing a fundraiser, she asked for “her own sales sheet” and took it upon herself to sell 113 sandwiches raising $339 for the music students.

Ruthann recalls her student fundraising days at her other WMCS alma mater, Muskegon Christian School. “We sold Jello boxes — and I did well!” shared Sterenberg. Her servant’s heart and loyal support of the green and white earns our deep gratitude and a heart-felt WMC “Well Done” Award.

Thank you, Ruthann!

WMC’s Master Chili-Maker 2020

While WMC students studied for 2nd-trimester finals, a few of WMC’s faculty and administrative staff got to work in their home kitchens to prepare for the WMC’s staff Chili Cook-Off. The aroma from nine piping-hot crock pots beckoned that staff to come belly up and start the tasting.

After an official counting done by the accountants at Ernst & Young, the tabulation of delegates and superdelegates, and party bosses having their say, the winner of the 2020 WMC Chili Cook-Off is Jeff Schipper.

The field was loaded, and I really had to fight through some self-doubt.  Knowing I created a delicious batch of chili, I knew I had a chance. But after tasting some of the competition, including one with shaved ribeye steak, I realized the others came to play.  Thanks to an unnamed secret ingredient and some extra determination, I’m just thankful to come away with the victory. Next year, I will need to step up my game to keep the trophy in the guidance office,” shared Jeff Schipper, master chili maker and WMC Guidance Counselor. 

“Well done,” Mr. Schipper!

Former Warrior Named Police Officer of the Year

WMC Graduate Stephen Wiersema (1991) was named Grand Rapids Police Officer of the Year for Administrative and Investigations Services.

Stephen isn’t the only Warrior in the GR Police Department. He works with three WMC grads including his brother Robert Wiersma (1992) and Captain Michael Maycroft (1991). Steve is also the brother-in-law of WMC grad and girls varsity basketball Coach Jeremy Goorman. If you look at the photo below you will see quite a few Warrior alumni in his family!

Stephen Wiersema, Grand Rapids Police Officer of the Year 2020, pictured with his family at the 37th annual awards ceremony at the Amway Grand Hotel in February 2020.

As a loyal and talented public servant, your WMC family congratulates you on your achievement and honors you with a Warrior “Well Done” Award.

A special shout out to GRPD’s Captain Maycroft for emailing us to share this news! 


WARRIOR “Well Done” Award Fall 2019

Awards and Acknowledgements in the WMC Community

Kelly Wierenga

WMC Faculty member Kelly Wierenga received her Masters in Marine and Coastal Processes from Nova Southeastern University in May 2019.  With this knowledge, this fall she taught Oceanography 101 at WMC as an elective course for high schoolers. Congrats Ms. Wierenga! 
Ms. Wierenga is one of the science teachers at WMC.  She grew up near Philadelphia, PA, but loves living along the lakeshore! She earned a B.S. in Integrated Science Education at Calvin College and has been teaching since 2011.  “While I enjoy all areas of science I particularly love marine biology. The world we live in is a fascinating place and I take pleasure in guiding students as we journey deeper into understanding and learning about it together,” explains Ms. Wierenga.  It comes as no surprise that her favorite scripture is: “Mightier than the waves of the sea is His love for you.”  -Psalms 93:4 and “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” -Hebrews 6:19.

Kelly Wierenga received her Masters in Marine and Coastal Processes from Nova Southeastern University in May 2019. 
WMC faculty member Haley Langejans was the recipient of a $250 Teacher mini-grant from the Youth Advisory Council of the Community Foundation for Muskegon County.

WMC faculty member Haley Langejans was the recipient of a $250 Teacher mini-grant from the Youth Advisory Council of the Community Foundation for Muskegon County.  She will use it toward her Warrior Women lunch group. Congrats Ms. Langejans! 

Warrior Women is a lunchtime based female group that started at Western Michigan Christian in 2018-19. The group is still new and evolving, but its main purpose is to provide a supportive environment for female students to be able to form relationships and bond over shared experiences.

Lunch group meets at least twice a month and anyone is welcome to join. Warrior Women’s time together includes discussions on set topics, based on Christian faith, that are chosen by the girls as important. Time together is seen as confidential, as some topics are more private, and is an opportunity when they all get to show each other what it means to be a Christian woman in today’s world.

“This group of young women has been so open about sharing and discussing sometimes difficult topics; but in doing so, it has become so apparent to us all just how alike we are. This avenue for support is so crucial for these young women, especially during a time in life when it is easy to feel alone,” shares Langejans.

New this year: Warrior Women small group activities will benefit the school i.e. creating positive message boards, decorating lockers for holidays, making cookies to share.

WMC Benefit: WMC strives to be more than just a school, but a place where students feel safe, heard and loved. Warrior Women is a direct representation of this goal. It is an outlet for our young women to be able to grow together, teach each other, and express themselves in a positive, faith-based space.

Ms. Langejans is an Educational Support Services (ESS) Accommodations Coordinator at WMC for both MS and HS students. She is a 2010 graduate of our Western Michigan Christian, and from here went on to earn a degree in Communications from Grand Valley State University. “I was blessed to be home for the last year and a half of my daughter’s life, joyfully watching her grow, but now feel so happy to be starting a career back in the Christian school atmosphere! It is such a gift to be able to work in an environment where my faith can be expressed openly in all aspects,” explains Ms. Langejans.

Her favorite verse is found in Psalms 119:50, “My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.” 

We’re grateful for the stellar staff at WMC!

Do you want to nominate a WMC staff member, volunteer, alumnus, supporter or student for the WARRIOR “Well Done” Awards? We welcome nominations via email.