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To protect the health of our School Community and per the Emergency Order issued by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Reporting of Confirmed and Probable Cases of COVID-19 at Schools on October 6, 2020, we will use this webpage to provide Public Notice to our School Community regarding School Associated Cases of COVID-19. Within 24 hours of being notified of a School Associated Case by the Muskegon County Health Department, this dashboard will be updated to include new and cumulative COVID-19 case counts. Individuals identified as Close Contacts of School Associated Cases will be notified separately and directly by the Muskegon County Health Department. 
Last updated: 10/12/20

The new case and cumulative case count can be found here.


Announcing the WMC Brave Little Warriors! We are excited to welcome our newest Warriors to Warrior Nation and will be sending a bib to welcome our new Warriors. If you have a Brave Little Warrior, please let us know by sending an email to Scott Liggett, our Chief Advancement Officer at

A Warrior Nation welcome to Hope! Congratulations to WMC English teacher Jon Den Houter and his wife Heather.

WMC starts year with In-Person and Online options, New Athletic Fields and Classrooms and a Partnership with Calvin University

In-Person Learning

“We are extremely excited and blessed to be able to begin the 2020-21 school year with in-person learning and virtual learning options for our families,” said WMC Principal Samuel Greer, “We are uniquely positioned with a building that has a large-footprint compared to our total enrollment that allows us to be properly socially distanced with an average of 21 students per classroom.” The school will adhere to the Michigan Safe Start Plan for schools with safety measures in place that include PPE, social distancing, directional foot traffic throughout the building and proper hygiene/cleaning practices in place. “We feel confident in our plan to provide a safe learning environment while delivering excellence in Christian education,” Greer added.

Virtual Learning

Additionally, the school will give families the choice to do virtual learning. “Our school board approved the funding for audio and video technology in each classroom allowing for live-streaming sessions for students to participate remotely,” explained Dr. Kristy Taylor, Director of Instruction, “We are pleased to be able to offer this to families to give them a choice each trimester to either do in-person or online education. Our students at home will be fully participating through Google Classroom and be able to talk to the in-person students and participate in group discussions,” added Taylor, “This allows us to continue our excellence in education and being one of the top academic schools in our area.” she said.

New Athletic Fields

WMC completed a multi-million dollar capital campaign this spring in order to break ground on new soccer and baseball fields. “This provides state of the art playing fields for our students on our own campus and builds community both for our families and our surrounding area,” said WMC Director of Advancement Scott Liggett, “After winning the D4 Boys State Championship Soccer season last fall we are well positioned to continue our legacy of Warrior championship athletics,” he added.

New Middle School Classrooms

Along with the new athletic complex, WMC has added two middle school classrooms, including a science lab. “Over the past few years our middle school has continued to grow to the point where we needed to add classroom space.” said Principal Greer, “We have shown double digit enrollment increases over the past 10 years and this puts us in position to continue that as we look to the future.” 

Spanish Immersion Partnership with Calvin University

West Michigan Christian Schools, including Fremont Christian, Grand Haven Christian, Muskegon Christian, New Era Christian and Western Michigan Christian High School and Middle School, will begin a Spanish Immersion partnership with Calvin University. “This partnership allows our Spanish Immersion students to graduate high school with a Spanish Minor from Calvin University,” said West Michigan Christian Schools Spanish Immersion Director Heather Grisales. Juniors and seniors will take college level courses through Calvin and will also be able to participate in a three week study abroad experience in a Spanish speaking country. “We are excited to offer this program to our immersion students from Fremont Christian, Grand Haven Christian and Muskegon Christian who continue on to Western Michigan Christian High School and Middle School,” added Grisales. 

For more information on our in-person, virtual learning, or Spanish Immersion programs please call 231-799-9644×237. WMC is a grade 7-12 Christian school located at 455 East Ellis Rd. Muskegon, including students from 5 countries, 30 cities, and 75 churches. Elementary schools include Fremont Christian, Grand Haven Christian, Muskegon Christian and New Era Christian.

Back to School 2020-2021 Western Michigan Christian High School and Middle School

August 24th: Smart Start and 1st Day of School

  • 8:00AM: School day begins for all students.
  • 7:50 AM: Arrival time for school for classes to start at 8:00 AM. WMC will officially open each day at 7:30 AM. Students that arrive between 7:30AM-7:50 AM must go to the competitive gym.
  • Students will receive their Chromebook.
  • Locker assignments are given to each student.
  • Picture Day: LifeTouch Parent Portal (will be emailed soon) Pdf link here.
  • Students will receive their class schedule. Also, all student class schedules will be available Friday, August 7 by 3:00 PM via your Powerschool account.


Dear Warriors,

Welcome to Western Michigan Christian Middle & High School. I am excited to greet you in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ, our risen Lord and Saviour. We are in great expectation of you coming back to school. I recognize the major challenges that COVID-19 has caused to our local community and to our school. Please know that we have worked extremely hard to develop a plan of operation that will provide you with a safe environment to learn.

Enclosed is some information as we begin this journey of excellence under the umbrella of Jesus Christ. We are planning for your presence on Monday, August 24, 2020. Our first day will consist of “Back to School Efforts” and course introductions. Special thanks in advance for your patience and understanding as we embrace community in a safe way.

Remember, Monday, August 24, 2020. See you at 8:00 am. Enjoy the final days of summer break. “Go Warriors!”

In the Lord’s Service,

Samuel Greer Jr.



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Western Michigan Christian High School and Middle School Breaks Ground on New Soccer and Baseball Fields

WMC Enjoys New Beginnings on Campus

This spring, with less than typical pomp and circumstance due to the constraints of the pandemic, WMC celebrated the groundbreaking of a new state-of-the-art soccer and baseball field.

In most cases, events such as the start of a construction project are commemorated with an official groundbreaking event where the entire WMC community would be invited, however, given the ongoing pandemic, it was decided that we would hold a “virtual” groundbreaking instead. 

Knowing that many of you would have wanted to be part of this event, we captured it on video. See below:

Below is a rendering to help illustrate the work that is underway.

Since the groundbreaking day on June 9, 2020, the construction crews have cleared the land that sits to the west of the Norton Shores campus to make way for the soccer and baseball field. It’s so exciting to see the progress!

July 13, 2020
July 13, 2020

For the first time in school history, both of WMC’s soccer and baseball teams will have home games on our campus. This will allow our students to support their classmates in a way that has not been previously possible since prior to this, baseball and soccer home fields were located off-site.

For the first time in school history, both of WMC’s soccer and baseball teams will have home games on our campus. This will allow our students to support their classmates in a way that has not been previously possible since prior to this, baseball and soccer home fields were located off-site.

WMC Boys Soccer

The roots of the Warrior soccer program harken back to the fall of 1968. In the beginning, the WMC mens soccer team was a member of the 6-C Soccer League with Grand Rapids Christian, Holland Christian, Unity Christian, Calvin Christian, and Kalamazoo Christian.

The boys soccer team claimed the State Championship in 1988, 1995, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2019.

In 1982, 1983, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2006, 2011 Warriors came up short as the runner up.

WMC Girls Soccer

The Warrior girls soccer program started in 1989 with an intramural team. That team blazed the trail for the first varsity girls soccer season in 1990. Nine years later the program achieved state runner up!

1990, back when girls had to play on the boys team to find higher level competition.
(source: The Torch 1990, WMC’s yearbook archive)
WMC’s first Girls Intramural Soccer team in 1989
(source: The Torch 1989, WMC’s yearbook archive)
WMC’s first girls varsity soccer team.
(source: The Torch 1990, WMC’s yearbook archive)
July 27, 2020
July 27, 2020

Both of WMC’s soccer coaches for the 2020-2021 school year are new to the post, so they will be the first to enjoy coaching on the new home soccer field. Boys soccer coach Coach Buursma shared, “These fields are going to be an amazing addition to the WMC campus. I am excited for the athletes and fans and the WMC community to enjoy the facility. I know a lot of prayer, planning, and financial resources went into making this portion of the campus plan a reality, and it’s incredible to see it come to fruition.” 

…a lot of prayer, planning, and financial resources went into making this portion of the campus plan a reality, and it’s incredible to see it come to fruition.

WMC’s new girls soccer coach, Kevin Butler, “The multi-sport complex is incredibly exciting for the players as well as the coaches.  I know the girls can’t wait to experience the training and playing environment in this new facility, to welcome their supporting fans into the complex, and thank the WMC families for their strong support of sports through a Christian perspective.”

The multi-sport complex is incredibly exciting for the players as well as the coaches.  I know the girls can’t wait to experience the training and playing environment in this new facility, to welcome their supporting fans into the complex, and thank the WMC families for their strong support of sports through a Christian perspective.

WMC Baseball

The baseball program started at WMC back in 1951. The first time baseball was featured in The Torch (WMC’s yearbook archives) was in 1952.

The Torch; 1952; Recognize anyone you know?

Warrior baseball clinched the state championship in 1985 and they were runner up in 1980.

“I’m extremely excited to have Warrior baseball being played on campus next spring.  It will provide an opportunity to strengthen the community feel where students and staff are only a short walk to watch us play,” shares Varsity baseball coach Mark Hill.  

I’m extremely excited to have Warrior baseball being played on campus next spring.  It will provide an opportunity to strengthen the community feel where students and staff are only a short walk to watch us play.

“Seeing the WMC community come together and provide the necessary support to make this project happen has been incredible.  For the last several years there have been so many hands involved.  To see this vision come to fruition is an example of how exceptional the WMC community is.  Our athletic department is grateful for the opportunity to have a facility of this stature for our coaches and athletes.  The WMC student-athletes are excited and ready to put these fields to use,” explains Western Michigan Christian Athletic Director, Kurt Gruppen.  

WMC promises to incur absolutely no debt for any of these projects and we will have 105% of the required funds in hand for any part of the project to commence.  We’re eternally grateful for the generosity of our community that has allowed for these exciting developments.

Interested in WMC’s Sports Programs? Click here to learn more.

WMC’s International Student Program Update Winter 2020

By Kyle Kempster, Head of the International Student Program at WMC

Asian New Year

This year WMC was blessed to host 19 international students from countries that celebrate the Lunar New Year. Traditionally, this is a time when families and friends get together for food, games, and a time of celebration that can also include fireworks. 

There were two students that joined WMC for 4 weeks as part of a winter cultural camp and we celebrated the Asian New Year together with host families, student ambassadors and several international students.

Chanho Song, one of our agency partners, led the celebration of food by bringing ingredients for dumplings rice cake soup. The group of 25 students and host families made dumplings together and enjoyed the delicious feast. They also played board games and a fowling tournament — what is fowling? It’s a combination of bowling and football during which teams take turns throwing footballs at bowling pins. It was a very fun night!

Other students gathered at the Gabel host home for an evening of food and games. They cooked traditional Vietnamese food and had a fun time together. Several ISP alumni joined them.

Winter Camp

For the past three years, WMC has held a winter cultural camp this has included students from China and Korea and has typically been 4-8 students. This year we had two students join us from South Korea.

When students come to the U.S. they sometimes prefer their name but often will choose an American name, mostly for ease of pronunciation and use. Our 8th-grade student wanted an American name but did not have one in mind so his host family, the Mitchells, chose Bronnie, thinking of LeBron James. Bronnie did not say much about the name as it was referred to a bit before he came but when he walked in the door and saw the “Welcome Home Bronnie” sign, it stuck!

Bronnie’s warm welcome from Korea at the Mitchell home.

Our 9th-grade student Yebin was quite shy when she arrived but she quickly settled into her host family, the Viskers, and became fast friends with student ambassadors Kendal Young and Cate Garretson.

The Visker family welcomes Yebin from Korea

In fact, most of the activities became photoshoots for ice skating, sledding, jumping at J3, and even The Bean at Millenium Park. Besides these activities the students also enjoyed painting at Create-a-Frame studio, shopping at Rivertown Crossing, an overnight lake Michigan cottage experience that included traditional Korean food, and skiing at Cannonsburg.

The students also attended classes and one of Yebin’s favorite subjects included Physics during which she participated in a Bungiee Barbie lab with 3/4th graders from GHC.

Bronnie had fun with student ambassadors Henry Hubers, Jake Hwang and Seojin Yeo, and Bronnie’s favorite activities were the ski days at Cannonsburg.

Host Family Round-Up

Our ISP for the 2019-20 school year included 28 students from China, South Korea, South Africa, Spain and Vietnam and we are always in need of host families.

Hosting a student is not always easy but it can be surprisingly rewarding. Some would argue that the host family is the most important element of the ISP because the families have the most impact and spend a lot of time with the students.

This includes church, family activities, helping with homework and making them part of the family. The Gabel family has hosted for six years and have called 6 students their host children. This in addition to their own children.

“We are a busy family with big hearts and a big house,” says host dad Russ. One of the highlights for them was when Man Ho, now a freshman at Calvin University, made a decision to commit her life to Christ and be baptized. Her testimony included the impact her host family, WMC and church had made on her life. Russ and his wife Cindy have had students stay all four years and have become part of their family.

Simon, a former student from China, annually visits them at Christmas time and sometimes in the summer breaks from Purdue. “It is a blessing to have them come back,” shared Cindy. “We love them and they know they are always welcome.”

Hosting also includes the discipline part. And families need to become comfortable treating students like their own. With the same expectations. If WMC has been blessed with great host families that are inclusive and loving. It is a labor of love.

LEARN MORE about hosting an international student.

Sawyer Arkema, A Warrior’s Heart

The 2019-2020 WMC Homecoming court took their places on the basketball court and waited for the announcement. This year there was a house favorite and everyone knew it.

“The 2020 Western Michigan Christian Homecoming King is Sawyer Arkema!” The gym roared with cheers and applause. It was a special tear-jerking moment for everyone gathered in Warrior gym.

Sawyer had one heck of a senior year! 

  • He was crowned Homecoming King
  • He was awarded a brand-new 3-wheel bike from the Muskegon Ambucs during half time on Senior Night
  • He scored several buckets in the WMC-hosted United Basketball game with his Special Olympics team in front of his home crowd in his home gym
  • He made front page news in the local paper and was featured on local TV news
  • He graduated from high school in June
Classmate Ryan Bradford Royle congratulates his buddy Sawyer on being crowned King.

Sawyer’s academic journey started at New Era Christian School when he entered kindergarten. Before long, he completed 8th grade and moved on to Western Michigan Christian for high school. Sawyer has a rich and full school life, complete with the support and love of a close-knit school community and peers who adore him. 

At WMC, he is on what is called a “Certificate of Completion” track.  He takes general education classes and works to complete goals instead of aiming for a certain grade.  Fully included in senior-level classes, Sawyer takes general education classes alongside his peers with the help from Daniel Garland, WMC’s ESS Teacher. The main goals of these classes are to further develop social skills with peers, following directions, and staying on task. Sawyer has attended a specific class every year at WMC to work on functional, life, and academic skills.  A key part of this ESS class is to take interest inventory assessments to determine and match him with occupations that he can both enjoy and demonstrate proficiency. Sawyer was matched with job placement at B2 Outlet, a retail store, and Lake Effect Kitchen, a catering company, where he works half-days two days a week. He loves his work!  

Sawyer took his brand-new 3-wheel bike from the Muskegon Ambucs for a spin in Warrior gym

Like most high school boys, Sawyer’s favorite part is being with his teammates. He attended practice with the varsity boys basketball team every Wednesday last fall/winter.

At home games, it became a tradition for each player to share a special handshake with Sawyer as they took the court. Always decked out in green and white, Sawyer is a big part of the heart of the team. 

WMC hosts a United Basketball game each year where Sawyer’s Warrior teammates join forces with his Special Olympics pals scrimmage in front of Sawyer’s WMC student body. School let out early that day so everyone can attend the big game and cheer on their classmate.

Sawyer being introduced as a starter before his big game.

“It’s the favorite basketball game of the year for all of us at WMC,” shares WMC teammate and sophomore Kellen Mitchell.

This love and support is the hallmark of the WMC warriors.

The crowd went wild when Sawyer scored. It was a sight to behold indeed. Not a dry eye in the house as Sawyer pumped his fists and bolted down the court fully enjoying his big moment. It was pure joy.

WATCH the annual Special Olympics United Basketball Game Fox17 news coverage.

READ the Grand Haven Tribune‘s coverage.

After graduation from WMC, Sawyer will start “college” at Muskegon Area Intermediate School District Transition Campus in the fall of 2020.  This program provides him with training and hands-on experience in both life and job skills.  They do a great job of placing their students in actual jobs and then coaching them through the process of learning to do those jobs independently. Sawyer is well-prepared to excel in this environment. He is ready for it!

“We are excited about the possibilities that this program offers Sawyer.  He still very much wants to go to college like his big brother so we like to refer to this program as Muskegon College,” explains Sawyer’s mom, Betsy Arkema.  

Sawyer chatting up teammate and fellow senior Nick Moser on the Warrior bench.

Sawyer is a beloved part of the Warrior family and the halls will not be the same without him. We look forward to his return visits and hearing of his future successes. 

There will always be a spot open on the basketball bench for one of WMC’s all-time favorite Warriors — we love you, Sawyer!

To learn more about WMC and our ESS program, click here.

WMC Reopening Plan for Fall 2020

First, a warm THANK YOU to our REOPENING Committee who have worked hard to provide the best plan for WMC. That team includes:

  • Samuel Greer – Team Leader
  • Kristy Taylor – Academics/Scheduling
  • Kathryn Becksvoort – Communications and Academics/Scheduling
  • Sue Dozeman – Communications
  • Kurt Gruppen – Athletics
  • Mark Hill – Academics/Scheduling
  • Kyle Kempster – Health/Safety
  • Haley Langejans – Communications
  • Steve Osburn – Academics/Scheduling
  • Jeff Schipper – Academics/Scheduling
  • Josh Scholma – Academics/Scheduling

Our Mission through Crisis

“To follow the framework our State Legislators & Medical Professionals have decidedly provided us; as Western Michigan Christian School Collaborative strongly believes in making fact-based, faith-driven decisions that provide our Students and Community with the safest, most rationalized, most Christ-centered environment possible. Dedication to College-Preparatory, Christian Education remains a top priority and our Administration and Staff are highly committed to the task of providing this to our Student body no matter the circumstances of the environment. We see this World-wide epidemic and the footprint it is leaving on our communities as another opportunity presented to us as believers to exemplify our strong faith and fervent trust in our Lord and his unfailing plan.”

Communication Plan

It’s very important that we keep our community updated on the details. We also want to hear from you.

Current: Our communication to the WMC School Community has been in three letters and we have also reached out to our parents with a survey. We received wonderful feedback from our community.

Future: WMC will host webinars and town hall meetings to inform our school community of our reopening plan for the academic year 2020-2021.

Michigan Safe Start Plan – Phase 4

We’ve consulted with the State of Michigan, legal advisors, medical professionals and public and private schools in the effort to deliver to and excellent reopening plan for our students and teachers.

As of now, we are in Phase 4 of the Michigan Safe Start Plan for reopening the schools for fall of 2020.

For WMC, that means that on August 24, we will open our Norton Shores campus with in-person instruction with required safety protocols.

The intent is to have a more interactive experience. To be able to achieve this the safest way possible, we have outlined the safety protocols to which each student, parents and WMC staff/faculty will need to adhere.

WMC head of School, Pastor Samuel Greer, walks through our Fall 2020 Reopening in this webinar from Tuesday, July 21 below:

Pastor Samuel Greer walks through the Fall 2020 Reopening

Questions? Concerns? We want to hear from you.

Please share your thoughts with us regarding the school reopening plan using this online form. Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for your loyalty to Christian education and to WMC. We pray that you will keep the WMC teachers and administrators in your prayers as they navigate these precedent-setting times.

Here’s to a wonderful 2020-2021 school year!

Interested in a WMC mask? Order now on our Facebook page!

Welcome New WMC Staff

With Fall 2020 coming fast, WMC has brought on new faculty members.

We’re excited to introduce you to them and share a bit more about our new Warrior family members.

Introducing, Chelsea Applebach, MS Math teacher

Chelsea Applebach

Hello All, my name is Chelsea Applebach and I am a GVSU graduate wrapping up my 3rd year as a teacher and my second year as a 7th-grade math teacher. These last two years I realized how much I enjoy working with middle school students and am so excited to continue that journey at WMC this fall!

I am moving to Muskegon from Detroit with my husband who is starting an emergency medicine residency at Mercy Hospital.  We have been married for three years and together we love to be outside, bike, kayak, mini-golf, play tennis, volleyball, or any other team sport people will invite us to. We love to travel and when we do, we often choose mountains over cities or beaches.

When I am not hanging out with my hubby I love to be with my college friends, hang out with my sis, go jogging, drink lots of coffee or cook. I just discovered Bon Appetite during quarantine and it has been the best!

I feel so blessed to be able to take this position this fall and am looking forward to how God will continue to grow and develop me as an educator for these amazing young people we get to work with every day. The welcoming emails and advice on housing from you all has already made me feel so welcome and I cannot wait to meet you all in person!  Until then! 

I feel so blessed to be able to take this position this fall and am looking forward to how God will continue to grow and develop me as an educator for these amazing young people we get to work with every day. 

Introducing, Kelly VanDenBerg, HS Math Teacher

Kelly VanDenBerg

After growing up in Michigan and attending Calvin College, I moved out to Southern California and taught at Ontario Christian High School for 5 years. In 2012 I moved back to the Midwest and have taught 8th-grade math at Timothy Christian (near Chicago) for the past seven years.

I am so excited to move back to Michigan to be closer to family and back to the sunset side of the lake. 🙂 I have taught many different levels of math from Pre-Algebra to Precalculus. I enjoy running, biking, reading, boating, and being outdoors. I am excited to meet the staff at WMC and join the team there!

Introducing, Cheryl Newsted, MS Social Studies

Cheryl Newsted

I’m married to my best friend, Jamey, who’s also a pastor.

We have three rockstar kids despite their parents who aren’t “kids” anymore. I’ve taught middle and high school English and social studies. 

I enjoy music and reading. I dabble at gardening. We’ve recently added kayaking and hammocking to our life which is a ton of fun. And I’m sure most importantly, my husband is NOT happy to hear I will be wearing GREEN since we are Michigan fans. Go blue! 😉 

Introducing, Christian Mohrhardt, HS Government & History Teacher

Christian Mohrhardt and his bride Diana

My name is Christian Mohrhardt. I am going into my fifth year of teaching and I couldn’t be more excited to start at WMC.

I was born and raised in Spring Lake, MI where I graduated from Spring Lake High School in 2011. I then attended GVSU and graduated from there in 2016.

I spent my first three years teaching 7-11 grade Social Studies at Litchfield Community Schools in Litchfield, MI. I then moved back home and spent this last year at Comstock Park Public School.

On July 11th, 2020 I married my beautiful fiance Diana.

When I am not teaching I enjoy traveling, doing missionary work, cooking, and martial arts. I am excited to meet all of you!

Welcome to you all!

The entire WMC community is pleased to have you join the family. Blessings to you, your families, and for your first year at WMC ahead!

Questions? Please CONTACT US!

Western Michigan Christian Hires New Girls Soccer Coach

WMC Announces Kevin Butler as the Head Girls Soccer Coach

Western Michigan Christian High School is excited to announce the hiring of Kevin Butler as the Warriors Girls Varsity Soccer Head Coach.  Butler has coached for 16 years for the Soccer Club of Rockford (SCOR).  During that span, he coached all levels ranging from U8 to U19 and was the President of SCOR for 3 years.  In addition to his involvement with SCOR, Butler was also the Director of Coaching for one year with the West Michigan Storm. 

“Kevin is a great addition to the WMC coaching staff and specifically the girls soccer program.  He has a wealth of soccer knowledge.  Kevin is very relational and has a heart for mentoring young athletes through soccer,”  stated WMC Athletic Director, Kurt Gruppen.

Coach Butler is excited to get started. “It is an honor and a privilege to be able to bring my experience to the lakeshore, to lead and build the women’s program at WMC, and most importantly, do so in a Christian context. I look forward to incorporating the values of discipleship into the soccer environment, and helping these young women build character and servant leadership both on and off the field,”  stated Butler.

Kevin and his wife Dina reside in Norton Shores. 

Interested in learning more about WMC’s soccer program?

CLICK HERE to email the WMC Athletic Department.