STUDENT LIFE – Extracurricular Activities

Rise up to GET INVOLVED at WMC! There are clubs and activities to be a part of and the great thing about our school is that you can start a if you want to try something new.

  • Art Club is overseen by Mrs. VanDuyn and meets after school in the art room 1st and 3rd trimesters.
  • Calling All Colors meets all year with school liaisons Mrs. Greer and Mr. Kempster.

Calling All Colors fosters inclusive school communities through a year-long program that features two conferences, creates a safe place to talk about race, and provides tools for increasing positive racial impacts for middle and high school students.

At the beginning of the school year, participating schools select a core group of students to attend the opening conference, held at an area college/university. This conference includes a keynote speaker, facilitated dialogues, and school-group planning sessions. Students have the opportunity to meet students from other schools, increase awareness of different viewpoints, learn about stereotyping and its effects, discuss feelings about race, and be exposed to the college campus.

Following the opening conference, student groups meet back at their schools and participate in rare open, honest discussions about race issues within the school context. The groups follow a carefully designed set of activities and materials that prompt discussion throughout the year. Students discuss questions such as where students sit in the cafeteria, what jokes are made in the hallways, and how students from all cultural backgrounds are accepted. After identifying areas of concern in their particular school, students develop and implement action plans to address the identified issues.

Near the end of the year, student groups gather at a different area college/university for a second conference in which student groups present their projects and outcomes. They also hear a keynote speaker, participate in additional dialogues, and engage in cooperative activities.

  • Science Olympiad meets in November and throughout the 2nd and 3rd trimesters and is overseen by Ms. Wierenga and Ms. Lile. Science Olympiad is a math and science based problem-solving project-based competition. Student meet to prepare their competitive entries into a regional competition.
  • Student Council meets all year and is overseen by Ms. Lile. Student Council is responsible for Spirit Weeks, Christmas Banquet, Powder Puff, Brut Ball, Homecoming, and several school dances. Student Council representatives are voted in by the student body.
  • Yearbook meets all year and is overseen by Mr. Schut. Yearbook staff take photos and report on student life in order to produce a yearbook to document each school year.

Green Machine meets all year and is overseen by WMC Athletic Director Josh Glerum. The Green Machine leads our student cheering. In 2016 they received an MHSAA Battle of the Fans top 5 in the state award.