Western Michigan Christian offers grades 7 through 12.  WMC is the destination High School for about ten Christian schools in the Lakeshore region. Click here to learn more about WMC’s 7-12 model. 


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Educational Support Services (ESS)

Who We Are

Educational Support Services (ESS) instructors at WMC share a vision of inclusion for all students to learn with their peers. The ESS teacher works alongside classroom teachers to create and implement interventions to support students’ learning gaps as well as facilitate small group and individual instruction to address specific needs.

Job Placement


Our Course Selection Guide (CSG) gives you our graduation requirements, transfer credit policies, courses of study descriptions, a description of all academic departments and course offerings, and NCAA eligibility requirements. Click here to download a PDF of the CSG.


To be eligible to receive Educational Support Service at WMC, a student must have a formal medical or educational diagnosis.

What We Offer

  • Small group instruction within Guided Study Halls
  • Individual instruction for students on the Certificate of Completion track
  • Goal setting
  • Accommodation Plans for students with a diagnosed disability
  • Educational Support Plans for students with a diagnosed disability and more significant needs
  • Referrals for educational evaluations through Mona Shores Public Schools
  • Speech, Occupational Therapy, and Social Work services provided through Mona Shores Public Schools

To learn more about the West Michigan Christian Schools ESS Program click here. Please call the school office to speak with someone.

Student Guidance

Our guidance office exists to offer college-prep and all post-secondary education direction on an individual basis. It is our goal to provide assistance to students and families as they look to what’s next after high school. We help students in choosing classes at each grade level as well as guiding rising seniors in all they need as they prepare for college and beyond. Please click here to see the guidance department forms.

Student Handbook

The WMC Student and Parent Handbook is for both MS and HS students and parents and gives you information regarding our mission, class sponsors, schedules, teacher and support staff rosters. It also includes policies and procedures for student life, attendance, student standards and expectations, and our school day. Please click here to download a PDF.


The Western Michigan Christian International Student Program is an exciting opportunity for international students to experience life in the United States and prepare for the university experience in the United States.

WMC is an exclusive and academically rigorous school with a diverse student body. We are seeking hard-working students to join our school community. We want students who will participate in daily life with their American friends and host family.

Each year we have added features to our International Program, to offer our students the best experience of study, work, and life. We aim to be supportive and a part of your school life while you live in the U.S. Our recent colleges of acceptance for our international students include the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Washington, Penn State University, Purdue University, and many more.

International Student Program Details

  • Dedicated English classes for new international students
  • International student’s study hall after school three days a week
  • ACT Prep after-school course
  • One-on-one tutors available for hire if needed
  • Rigorous, academically focused courses
  • Regional Field trips (for example Weekend in Chicago, One week in Washington D.C., Disney, etc.)
  • College visits
  • 100% of graduating international students go on to higher education
  • Stay with an American family in their home and learn about another culture
  • Incoming international freshmen immediately eligible for sports
  • Transfer and upper students sports-eligible in January
  • Junior ToEFL testing site
  • International student’s dinner once per month
  • Regular board game and card game nights with American students

To apply to our program: (Click here to access forms in Google Drive.)

  1. Tuition includes money for school, housing, medical insurance, visa processing, regional trips, SAT Prep, and everything else except additional expenses incurred (for instance, some students pay extra for hot lunches and private tutoring and so on.)
  2. School transcripts are due along with the application. If the students have taken some form of English proficiency test (SLEP, Junior ToEFL, IELTS or equivalent) it will help us place them.  
  3. If accepted, we will ask for a $2,000 down payment before we begin visa processing. This is the first $2,000 of tuition, not an extra fee. But visa processing is a lot of work, and we have had students drop out after their visa was obtained.
  4. An additional 50% of the full cost is due by July 31.
  5. Full payment of all tuition and fees is due by October 31.
  6. The deposit is non-refundable. The tuition fees are refundable through the first day of school. After the first day of school, a refund is available if the student has paid for more than half of the year’s tuition. This partial reimbursement is available until January 1. After January 1 no refund is available.